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BerliOS shutdown - current status information
« on: October 14, 2011, 12:53:32 pm »
Because of the frequent questions, here is s short status update, so you all know, what's going on.

1.) No decision about a host is made yet. The candidates discussed most are SourceForge, Google Code and Launchpad. All have it's pros and cons - we are aware of that.
2.) No decision is made concerning switching to GIT in a near time frame. However, the new platform we choose has to support GIT in case we do switch. It has (however) to support SVN, too - so we don't loose our stuff, especially the history. Once we switch (if we do) the old SVN based repo will become read-only and the new repo should contain the full history! So a conversion from SVN to another VCS is mandatory.
3.) Bug-, feature- and patch-tracker can be saved (and I did it for now). However, for now they can only be converted on Launchpad, no other platform offers such a service atm. However, at SourceForge (for example) a request for a conversion script is pending.
4.) Another option is an own dedicated server (which we have already), however, costs and maintenance would be a serious issue in that case, so an open platform is clearly preferred.

If you (the community) have more information than we do - especially in the topic how to convert the databases (not SVN, that's do-able) to another platform let us know!

For any post on that topic, bear in mind: Please be constructive and helpful. We don't need 1000 discussions about possibilities, we need solutions.

Ps: We are safe, no need to worry and hurry. :)

Edit: See also here:,15322.msg103167.html#new
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Re: BerliOS shutdown - current status information
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