Author Topic: .EXE runs fine when launched from Win7 but F9 under Code::Blocks crashes hard..  (Read 3054 times)


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I can build the binary with C::B no problem and as stated when I launch it from Win7 explorer or terminal I have no problems..
But when I attempt to run within C::B using F9 for example, I get a hard crash with the message

"Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005)     execution time : blah blah"

So I don't know how it can be a bug in my code but it's obviously memory issues.  Also worth nothing is that when debugging (GDB) the program also runs smoothly.  Any ideas?

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C::B's version?
W7 64b or 32b?

And some other stuff like that could make someone help you.

In short: give informations, don't just report your crash.

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If it is a crash in his app, we can't help, only he can track the problem.
Also this kind of questions violate the forum rules.
(most of the time I ignore long posts)
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Any ideas?
Without sources? No. Try checking your code with a tool like valgrind.
As we most likely cannot help at all I am locking this topic.
Compiler logging: Settings->Compiler & Debugger->tab "Other"->Compiler logging="Full command line"
C::B Manual:

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Probably trying to open a file without checking for success, or something...
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