Author Topic: Code::Blocks seems nice, but...  (Read 2761 times)

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Code::Blocks seems nice, but...
« on: June 12, 2011, 07:02:37 pm »
Hello all
I am using wxWidgets for a while now, and was acustomed to install all what I need with wxDevCpp on Windows, and relying on the distrib to do the work under Linux.
But one day I need to use
Code: [Select]
one_line->mct={OCF,4,OCF,5,MR,3,PW,4,IOb,5};a kind of syntax only recognised by compiler with -std=c++0x option
Right : distribs are usually up to date, so the Ubuntu didn't complain about my code...
But on Windows, this was the beginning of lots of trouble.

First my wxDev install said it didn't recognise the right -std -> I tried to used a new version of mingwin : unsuccesfull
Secondly, I saw somewhere, it should be a good idea to use Code::Blocks with wxWidget... Well, let's see.

I was easily able to use a console program, but never a Widget project... Trying to compile the right version of the libs (and then knowing there is a bug in the compiler which leads to out of memory when you link them), downloading latest mingwin, moving some files (like falsely explain from place to place)...
I probably saw most of the current bugs that exist on the topic

I can't remember all what  I did during this waste of time.

Finally, I gave up !

I will just have to write more lines of code, or even write some perl scripts to do the work for me... But trying to get a tool chain almost from scratch is definitely above my strength.

It's a pity, because, yes : Code::Blocks seems nice


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Re: Code::Blocks seems nice, but...
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2011, 11:45:15 am »
You may want to give a TDM release of MinGW a try at

Thing is, you are having issues with the toolchain, but we have nothing to do with it. If a piece of code does not compile, a compiler option is not recognized or the linker causes an out of memory exception... well, we did not develop any of those applications, so we are not the guys to give you support about them.

Use TDM's installer to get a working toolchain, then point Code::Blocks to the installation folder. You may want to check that the GCC version you get with MinGW is the same or newer than the one you get in Linux.