Author Topic: invalid compiler [YOUR ANSWER IS ALREADY THERE. SEARCH THE FORUMS!]? Toolchain path?  (Read 27786 times)

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If the compiler is invalid the full log doesn't help (it is empty).
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I stumbled upon this topic when i ran into the same problem earlier. I did everything that has already been suggested in this thread and non of it worked.

So for fun and games I decided to do exactly what the guy on the video did. I changed the default path of the installation from C:\program files to plain old C:\ and then tried to run the program and had the same error...I went into "Compiler and Debugger" just like the video, hit reset to defaults and voila it works!!!

Prior to this, I had hit reset to default about a billion times, changed compilers, changed toolchain etc and nothing changed (Only thing different I did was changing the installation path). Since this is the first thread that comes up when you search the issue I hope this can help create a quick solution for those who encounter this problem in the future.