Author Topic: [Feature Request] Alphabetical sorting of the tab list, or quick file navigation  (Read 16438 times)

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One of the things that I find could be easier in C::B is the navigation between source files. When I need to switch file, my thought process is something like this:

1. I need to edit/view the AnimatedButton class (for example)
2. I need the definition, so I need the header file

At this point I'm only really thinking of the name of the file, it may be open, it may not all I know is I need to go to it. There are a few ways to get to the file:

1. Find the AnimatedButton class in the symbols browser (which means switching between tabs, normally scrolling, double clicking)
2. Go to the tab list drop down (which I enabled in preferences) and if the file is open I may find it there, but it's not sorted so I could miss it and it might not even be listed
3. Go to the Workspace browser, go to Headers, probably a few sub directories, then double click.

Unless I've missed something obvious, none of these methods is very quick. So my request is this:

1. List all files in the tab list (unopened aswell) and list them alphabetically by filename (I know could cause a big list, may be slow)
2. Add a drop down to the toolbar with all project files listed alphabetically
3. Add a shortcut to pop-up a dialog that has a search-as-you-type box for source files.

I think the 3rd option would be pretty nice, press a shortcut combination (for example CTRL+Space) then type "anim" and it would display something like:


Then you could just select what you want with arrows and hit enter. This would speed up my development a lot because as my game is getting bigger I seem to spend most of my time navigating for source files. What do you think?

EDIT: I've just thought, the popup could be some kind of "Awesome bar" for C::B, so it also displays class, functions, defines etc. that would be pretty cool.

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Two suggestions:

1. use open files list ("View -> Open files list"), the open files are alphabetically sorted,

2. use the "ALT+G" shortcut (or "Search -> Goto file..") and start typing the filename.

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2. use the "ALT+G" shortcut (or "Search -> Goto file..") and start typing the filename.

Haha, exactly what I meant! You are a life saver I can't believe that's been there the whole time, thanks!