Author Topic: has someone succesfully used "open scene graph" ("osg") with code::blocks ?  (Read 4700 times)


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hello everybody,

i want to use open scene graph with codeblocks. since i fist had to test it for compatibility with my project i used the precompiled binaries for vs9. i feel very happy with the osg package, but not with microsoft visual studio. i like the code::blocks ide much more. but when i tried to get an osg project to compile in c::b i had many problems... not solved yet... .
before i'll get in detail i just want to ask the community this general question. Has someone got it to work yet? Or are there known problems?
i have searched a lot for a tutorial on how to set up osg for c::b with no result... there are tutorials for other ide like vs9 or eclipse out there but not one for code::blocks. therefore my question: has somebody done it before?

i would be pleased for every hint on that topic.
sorry for my bad english


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Re: has someone succesfully used "open scene graph" ("osg") with code::blocks ?
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I have no knowledge about "open scene graph" ("osg").

What compiler are you going to use?

Because most of the answer to the questions can Code::Blocks build Library X depends on the Compiler used.
Most of the rest is what build system/method is supported by the Library X.

In this case, the "open scene graph" ("osg"). has CMAKE build support; this means with some work an Code::Blocks custom makefile project can be created.

The "open scene graph" ("osg"). is too large in my opinion to create an normal Code::Blocks project; so, using CMAKE and a custom makefile project is the way I would try if I was you.

Tim S.
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