Author Topic: using codeblocks for a custom apache library, loaded as a library into httpd ?  (Read 1843 times)


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Hi CodeBlocks gurus -

I have been developing my code using visual studio on windows/ native vi on unix.
I have used codeblocks for development of standalone application, however my current work involves development of a custom apache library which gets loaded into the apache httpd.

Now in visual studio, i can develop and build the library and specify that when running load this into httpd.exe and hence can do my debugging using the visual studio.

Now, am trying to replicate the same thing using codeblocks, instead of having to develop using vi's.
Though i can create project, compile and link using codeblocks, i still cannot find a way to debug this library using codeblocks and dont knw how to specify that at runtime, this library should be loaded into httpd process and run httpd process at this location.

is there some way i can do this ? I am sure someone can help me in this.