Author Topic: [Feature Request] Multiple selection dialog box enhancements  (Read 2311 times)


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Hello everyone,

I'm using Code::Blocks for a few months. It's a great development environment with all features I may request from this kind of software.
It seems very stable and quite mature  :)
Thanks to all developers for your great work!

I don't miss a single feature but have some enhancement requests concerning the multiple selection dialog box:

  • The multiple selection dialog box (which appers if you add files to your project) should have an additional "Add all" button.
    Most time this dialog appears, both Release and Debug configurations are selected and "Ok" is pressed.
    By adding an "Add all" button, less clicks are required and the user would save some time.
  • The dialog box appears once for each selected file you add to the project, but the respective file name isn't visible in the dialog box.
    So the user is just repeatedly clicking "Select all" and "Ok" to add all selected files to the project, without even knowing which file was added by each dialog box.
    The respective file name sould be shown somewhere in this dialog box.
  • To enhance development speed and convenience, an "apply to all selected files" checkbox may be added to the multiple selection dialog box.
    So the setting to which configurations the file should be added is applied to all selected files and the dialog box isn't shown for the other files added in this step.

Beat regards