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strange behavior while debugging
« on: May 30, 2009, 11:14:59 am »
Hello everybody,

recently I randomly get a rather weird error while debugging my app in code::blocks: when I use the next line command via the tool-bar button, everything works as expected, but when I use the F7 shortcut instead, randomly a char appears in the first line of the current line. The char always is an " ś " (that is an s with an accent) and the file consequently is shown as modified. The debugging sometimes goes on just normal using F7, sometimes though it does not move to the next line until I use the next line button in the tool-bar. I'm using the svn 5482 version of c::b, self compiled.

I add a screen shot to illustrate...

Actually nothing really mean is happening, the file reverts to original state with undo, but it is annoying ...

Greetings from asturias


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