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OK, I solved the problem of linking .dll files.

My question now is relatively general to how things work with code blocks. Now, what should I add to the main project in the build option every time I want to include a new library? Do I have to do the same procedure of adding the .a and .dll paths ?
Plugins development / Re: Watch Window not working in Custom Debugger Plugin
« Last post by oBFusCATed on June 13, 2019, 08:13:23 am »
You have to debug it to see what is going on. I cannot help you, because I don't know how your plugin works, nor what modifications you've made to the gdb's plugin source code.
OK, I was able to solve the previous problem by developing a shared library in the main projects folder.

The main projects folder contains:
1. Application project folder.
2. Shared library example folder.

So I could include the new shared library, but when I tried to run the function from the shared library into the main project source file, I got an error saying
the code execution cannot proceed because .dll was not found

So I had to copy the shared library .dll file into the bin folder of the main project folder. And problem is solved.

My new question is:
How to include the .dll files in the main project bin folder automatically?

Now, if I've done anything new in the library, then I have to compile it and then copy the .dll file again into the bin of the main application folder.
Thank you for the response.

Yes. But previously we used DbgCmd_UpdateWatchesTree function in our plugin. Watch window was working fine previously.

But now after moved to DbgCmd_UpdateWindow not working.

Using Code::Blocks / Re: Arduino - incorrect parsing
« Last post by oBFusCATed on June 13, 2019, 12:31:42 am »
zdena: Sorry but you're solving the wrong problem. Fixing it in arduino-builder would be the most robust and probably easiest solution. Have you talked to arduino devs?
Nightly builds / Re: The 10 June 2019 build (11730) is out.
« Last post by airc on June 12, 2019, 11:17:28 pm »
any win32 build ? :)
Nightly builds / Re: The 10 June 2019 build (11730) is out.
« Last post by Xaviou on June 12, 2019, 10:55:56 pm »

Linux build has been repaired and is working fine with wx-3.0

Rev 11738 for Debian Stretch (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo.

Using Code::Blocks / Re: Arduino - incorrect parsing
« Last post by BlueHazzard on June 12, 2019, 10:32:28 pm »
Variable expansion does not happen in the code, only in command lines....
If you are hardcore you could probably create a squirrel pre build step
In the attached archive you will find an example project:
Basically it replaces all occurrences of
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
the problem is, this is a onetime shot... It literally replaces the line, so it wont work a second time.
It would probably be possible to create a script that creates temporary files and copy it to somewhere, but this is really out of scope...
The easiest thing would be to modify the arduino builder... i mean, they make the bullshit by copying files around...
I'm not familiar with wxSmith but why / how can you add a top-level element inside another top-level element? This shouldn't be possible at all, after all the dialog is not part of the layout of the frame but an individual element by itself.

And like oBFusCATed already said, these modal dialogs are not designed for a longer lifetime, they get created locally on the stack, you call their usually single method that returns a result and then they get deleted by the block scope. And all this happens inside user code and not the layout code created by a gui builder.
Code: [Select]


The wxSmith code in the frame destructor should be

Code: [Select]


the code to construct this is in the pipeline :) (if this is the correct way to use the dialog is a other question that i can not answer
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