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Help / Re: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'game.def'
« Last post by THE_SUFFERER on January 15, 2020, 11:28:59 pm »
 ;DH-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S ;D

Code: [Select]

-------------- Build: Release in Gamex86 (compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003)---------------

cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_BITCH.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_BITCH.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ai_bum_sit.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ai_bum_sit.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_DOG.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_DOG.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_PUNK.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_PUNK.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_RUNT.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_RUNT.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ai_shorty.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ai_shorty.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ai_skinny.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ai_skinny.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_THUG.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_THUG.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ai_thug_sit.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ai_thug_sit.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\AI_WHORE.C /Foobj\Release\Source\AI_WHORE.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\EP_ALL.C /Foobj\Release\Source\EP_ALL.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_crystalpalace.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_crystalpalace.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\EP_LOG.C /Foobj\Release\Source\EP_LOG.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_posionville.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_posionville.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_radiocity.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_radiocity.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_shipyards.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_shipyards.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_skidrow.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_skidrow.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_steeltown.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_steeltown.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\ep_trainyard.c /Foobj\Release\Source\ep_trainyard.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_AI.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_AI.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_ai_ents.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_ai_ents.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_ai_fight.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_ai_fight.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_ai_memory.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_ai_memory.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_CAST.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_CAST.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_CHASE.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_CHASE.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_cmds.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_cmds.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_combat.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_combat.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_FOG.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_FOG.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_FUNC.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_FUNC.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_items.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_items.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_joe_misc.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_joe_misc.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_main.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_main.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_MISC.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_MISC.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_PAWN.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_PAWN.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_PHYS.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_PHYS.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_save.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_save.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_spawn.c /Foobj\Release\Source\G_spawn.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_SVCMDS.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_SVCMDS.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_TARGET.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_TARGET.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_teamplay.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_teamplay.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\g_trigger.c /Foobj\Release\Source\g_trigger.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_UTILS.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_UTILS.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\G_WEAPON.C /Foobj\Release\Source\G_WEAPON.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\M_BBOX.C /Foobj\Release\Source\M_BBOX.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\M_MOVE.C /Foobj\Release\Source\M_MOVE.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\P_client.c /Foobj\Release\Source\P_client.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\P_HUD.C /Foobj\Release\Source\P_HUD.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\P_TRAIL.C /Foobj\Release\Source\P_TRAIL.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\P_VIEW.C /Foobj\Release\Source\P_VIEW.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\P_WEAPON.C /Foobj\Release\Source\P_WEAPON.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\Q_SHARED.C /Foobj\Release\Source\Q_SHARED.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\VEHICLES.C /Foobj\Release\Source\VEHICLES.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\VOICE.C /Foobj\Release\Source\VOICE.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\voice_bitch.c /Foobj\Release\Source\voice_bitch.obj
cl.exe /nologo /DWIN32  /Ox /Og /W3 /DBUILD_DLL /DNDEBUG  /Ox /W3 /DWIN32   /ID:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\include /c Source\voice_punk.c /Foobj\Release\Source\voice_punk.obj
link.exe /dll /nologo /LIBPATH:D:\KingpinDev\Code\CodeBlock\CodeBlocks\ToolKit\lib /out:bin\Release\Gamex86.dll Source\NavLib\NavLib.lib user32.lib obj\Release\Source\AI_BITCH.obj obj\Release\Source\ai_bum_sit.obj obj\Release\Source\AI_DOG.obj obj\Release\Source\AI_PUNK.obj obj\Release\Source\AI_RUNT.obj obj\Release\Source\ai_shorty.obj obj\Release\Source\ai_skinny.obj obj\Release\Source\AI_THUG.obj obj\Release\Source\ai_thug_sit.obj obj\Release\Source\AI_WHORE.obj obj\Release\Source\EP_ALL.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_crystalpalace.obj obj\Release\Source\EP_LOG.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_posionville.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_radiocity.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_shipyards.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_skidrow.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_steeltown.obj obj\Release\Source\ep_trainyard.obj obj\Release\Source\G_AI.obj obj\Release\Source\g_ai_ents.obj obj\Release\Source\g_ai_fight.obj obj\Release\Source\g_ai_memory.obj obj\Release\Source\G_CAST.obj obj\Release\Source\G_CHASE.obj obj\Release\Source\G_cmds.obj obj\Release\Source\G_combat.obj obj\Release\Source\G_FOG.obj obj\Release\Source\G_FUNC.obj obj\Release\Source\G_items.obj obj\Release\Source\g_joe_misc.obj obj\Release\Source\G_main.obj obj\Release\Source\G_MISC.obj obj\Release\Source\G_PAWN.obj obj\Release\Source\G_PHYS.obj obj\Release\Source\G_save.obj obj\Release\Source\G_spawn.obj obj\Release\Source\G_SVCMDS.obj obj\Release\Source\G_TARGET.obj obj\Release\Source\g_teamplay.obj obj\Release\Source\g_trigger.obj obj\Release\Source\G_UTILS.obj obj\Release\Source\G_WEAPON.obj obj\Release\Source\M_BBOX.obj obj\Release\Source\M_MOVE.obj obj\Release\Source\P_client.obj obj\Release\Source\P_HUD.obj obj\Release\Source\P_TRAIL.obj obj\Release\Source\P_VIEW.obj obj\Release\Source\P_WEAPON.obj obj\Release\Source\Q_SHARED.obj obj\Release\Source\VEHICLES.obj obj\Release\Source\VOICE.obj obj\Release\Source\voice_bitch.obj obj\Release\Source\voice_punk.obj  /def:Source\game.def
   Creating library bin\Release\Gamex86.lib and object bin\Release\Gamex86.exp
Output file is bin\Release\Gamex86.dll with size 1.07 MB
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minute(s), 8 second(s))
0 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 8 second(s))

And a little story now. All of this is very important for me. I've been struggling with depression pretty hard. I even had a special suicide plan for the future. I even was in a mental hospital. I don't know what to do and what is going on. Many things have happened. One of the ways to get it all over is to get distracted. Gaming - this is what I have discovered. If to say preciser - modding. I faced this hobby some months ago. My mind just blasted. I couldn't sleep, neither could I eat and so forth. Well, I hadn't been able to before, either but this time it's because of something what gives you some good emotions. So, modding became my sense of life or something like that. I started working with TrenchBroom if someone knows what it is. I've had some tortures with it, too and with Blender and with a lot of converters, editors, map compilers and so on. I was going to bed at 6-7 am because in the afternoon I was thinking about what I could mode and at night I was doing it.

When time came for a first compilation, because I even started learning C, I failed. Everything failed. No CodeBlocks, no Visual Stuido were helping me. It's like you are coming back to reality and starting thinking about what brought you to the suicide plan. I couldn't believe I had to say "Goodbye" to my gaming dream. I am a perfectionist. If I start something and fail it I can't deal with anything like that anymore. So, if I fail with modding for Kingpin, I can't play it anymore because everything will be reminding me of my lose with this awesome game. It was the only thing I could be distracted by.

So, I decided to give in right 6 days ago. And the hell started. You wake up and remember about the stuff you've been busy with for a couple of months up to now. You go out and every building corner reminds you of Kingpin. I am lucky to live in a place which is almost full of aggressive gangsters, too, and all of these retro styled atmosphere. So, every step in my town was a direct easter egg. This way I was trying to finally compile something in CodeBlock anyway because I was going to learn C even further and make my own mod. Actually the day before yesterday I managed to compile the same SDK in Visual Studio 12. Just I read on Kingpin.Info that VS didn't have some "resource editor" and I got some worry that it wasn't as good as CodeBlocks was. And the sad moment is when I saw the compilation log of Visual Studio, I understood that sex was an absolute and total "nothing" in comparison with that feeling. It was a boundless euphoria... But anyway I worried that I had won the battle with Visual Studio, not with CodeBlocks. But yesterday I added that sacrosanct "WIN32" and this happened...

I still can't believe it works now. I thought it was impossible or something. It's like when you want something THAT HAAAAAAARD, you don't think it's possible in reality anymore. But it is... And I don't know how to react on it. I thought that even if it happened one day I would be so much happy that I would be able to die of happiness but I didn't ;D And it's kinda you overrated something, then you got it and you didn't get THAT amount of pleasure you thought you would. And you have only emptiness in the soul. It turned out to be so simple - some mouse setting clicks and you have the Heaven. Unbelievable... I have my distraction now and can be swallowed by it completely. It's the whole world. Weeeeeeeeeeeell,  just have to get accustomed to being able to compile now without a problem.

I even do some test compilations now constantly just to be sure that it REALLY works because I've been suffering for the whole 6 days. A feeling of being reborn. Now taking my own life away isn't worth it. Now, no, not anymore. Guys, everybody who was helping me. Thank You! I am wishing you all happiness, smiling, the best emotions and the bestest health ever because nothing is possible without the health! I am wishing it to you with all my heart! You have reanimated my dream and now I've gotten my drug again. You see, I didn't have another option. Either I would solve this task or I would end up with a shotgun in my hands or on a bridge or something because it had already been a part of my plan before, so it's not something new. Well, thank You all! I am happy. And I am sorry if I seemed to be annoying and dumb and doing actions randomly. I was just trying to bring my dream back to life. And you helped me. Thank You  ;D

The Sufferer has become The Delighter :-*
Contributions to C::B / Re: Toolbar width problem with wxWidgets 3.1.4
« Last post by oBFusCATed on January 15, 2020, 08:44:35 pm »
Does any of View -> Toolbars -> Fit toolbars or optimize toolbars fixes this?
If not bisecting the offending commit in wxwidgets might be helpful.
Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by cacb on January 15, 2020, 06:41:26 pm »
@Miguel Gimenez : Well done! I hope to see a new nightly soon with this fixed.
Contributions to C::B / Toolbar width problem with wxWidgets 3.1.4
« Last post by gd_on on January 15, 2020, 02:00:08 pm »
I am trying to test wxWidgets 3.1.4 (updated with git).
I have seen, some time ago, that some toolbars in CodeBlocks are too wide with this version but they were correct with 3.1.3 version.
It appeared very soon after the first releases of version 3.1.4 and hasn't changed since.
May be, there is something to tweak in C::B, but I have not found where it is.
See the effects on the 2 images.

Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on January 15, 2020, 01:48:13 pm »
This is the offending commit: Make wxComboCtrl a wxCompositeWindow

This commit was reverted after wx3.1.3 release in commit
Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on January 15, 2020, 10:28:00 am »
I don't think it is a good idea to use gtk3, yet, even with trunk. From what I've seen there are problems. :(
Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by grem on January 15, 2020, 09:05:31 am »
Thank you for reply. Waiting with impatience :)

Unfortunately I currently use Codeblocks extremly rarely but during last two years there were not any issue reports about codeblocks + wxgtk-3.0-gtk3 (at least I don't remember about them as package maintainer). Therefore this revision in stable branch now.

So Codeblocks 20.xx in gentoo will be with wxGTK-3.0-gtk3 as gentoo wxwidgets team asked to use it for new revisions. Then after wxGTK-3.2-gtk3 release most likely there will be revision for it.
Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on January 15, 2020, 08:47:38 am »
There will be a release 20.xx, hopefully soon. We don't plan to wait wx to release whatever they release, because they are notorious for missing their release dates :). Using gtk3 at the moment is not a good idea if people aren't prepared to fix things, or at least report problems (in both wx and cb).
Nightly builds / Re: The 15 December 2019 build (11927) is out.
« Last post by grem on January 15, 2020, 08:39:15 am »
wx3.1.1 or wx3.1.3

@oBFusCATed, do you know is it planing to release Codeblocks 20.x afrer wxwidgets 3.2 release?

we plan to release one last 3.1.4 release in 3.1.x series in the beginning of 2020 with 3.2.0 follwowing soon afterwards.

I ask because in the gentoo currently wxGTK-3.0-gtk3 is preferred for codeblocks-17.12 (live-ebuild is required update for it). And as I know there will not be wxGTK-3.1 in portage tree as it is development branch.
Help / Re: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'game.def'
« Last post by stahta01 on January 14, 2020, 11:13:00 pm »
Is there any difference between adding "WIN32" in

1) "Project name" ---> Compiler Settings ---> #defines

2) Release ---> Compiler Settings ---> #defines

3) Both at the same time


As I understood, I can also add it in "Global Compiler Settings ---> Compiler Settines ---> #defines", but it will be used as default, not only for this very project, right?

I would do this one
1) "Project name" ---> Compiler Settings ---> #defines

Edit: Does make a difference if you have multiple targets; but, adding it to either one should work.
Note: Adding it to both could result in a warning.

Edit2: Global Compiler Settings applies to every use of the Compiler as in all projects that use that Compiler.

Tim S.
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