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Help / Re: Migrating from Atom
« Last post by Quiss on Yesterday at 07:08:08 am »
Right click project (flush) and select "Build options". Then add the relevant directiories under "Search directories" tab.
General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Re: Welcome Newcomers - PLEASE READ!!!
« Last post by salem on Yesterday at 06:49:25 am »
Just a quick hello :)

Long time poster over on cprogramming and dreamincode.

Occasional lurker here, but now I'm using C::B a lot more, so decided to get signed up.

Contributions to C::B / Package code::blocks Flatpak
« Last post by Joshontech on Yesterday at 03:44:55 am »
I am interested in packaging code::blocks as a flatpak and would like permission to do so. I am posting here because I do not know how to get in contact with the main development team. I will work on the packaging of code::blocks but wont publish it until I get an answer from the dev team.

Thanks guys for an amazing IDE!
Help / Migrating from Atom
« Last post by newtocpp on Yesterday at 03:40:19 am »
Hello, I want to start using codeblocks instead of Atom and cmake which I have been using from before.
I have encountered a "problem" (might be just me that is the problem :o)

What I wish to do:
I wish to import my whole (already working) project and directories into codeblocks

What I have done so far:
1) I have created a blank project
2) I copied my directories and files into the new project folder
3) Inside codeblock I selected "Project > Add files" and selected the files I wished to import (from the project folder mentioned in "2)" )

What my problem is:
I cant seem to find either the correct file or directory while trying to compile ???
Have also tried "#include "src/fauxmead.h", "#include "fauxmead.h"" and just to be on the safest side #include "Headers/src/fauxmead.h"


I hope someone kicks my brain back on track.
Thanks for any contribution ;D
I've trimmed down the interface and removed all of the plugins that I didn't need. However, the "Code completion Toolbar" has an extremely wide fixed-width. I found that it can be resized from "Settings -> Editor... -> Code completion -> Symbol browser (tab) -> Toolbar -> Scope/Function choice length".

This is still only a workaround as the space available varies depending on the size of the window, full screen, etc.

It would be nice if this toolbar would resize itself as necessary rather than being truncated by the size of the window on a percentage. For example, change the length option to a minimum with an additional option for "Automatic width bias" favoring scope. So, a bias of 50% would use all of the available toolbar with half being used for each combox. A bias of 30% would instead use a width of 30/70, but also honoring the minimum width.

I'm new to Code::Blocks and would be happy to look into submitting a pull request for this myself if someone would be kind enough to direct me to the relevant sources.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: watch value 'inside' adress when debugging?
« Last post by Stauricus on Yesterday at 01:46:15 am »
thanks, it works! but and in this another situation, using arrays, is it also possible? it doesn't seems to work to me, since  no "dereference" option shows up.

Code: [Select]
int main(){
    int i = 10;
    int* n[1] = {&i};

    return 0;
Using Code::Blocks / Re: How to indent whitespace in selection?
« Last post by Kahenraz on Yesterday at 01:25:23 am »
The problem seems to be that the IDE will not indent lines which are empty.

Can an option be added to allow this? Is this behavior that can be modified by a plugin?

Thank you.
Nightly builds / Re: The 12 January 2019 build (11552) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on February 21, 2019, 08:39:28 pm »
Can someone try to find why this problem happens?
Using Code::Blocks / Re: watch value 'inside' adress when debugging?
« Last post by oBFusCATed on February 21, 2019, 08:38:33 pm »
Add pi as a watch and right click dereference or just add *pi as a watch.
Using Code::Blocks / watch value 'inside' adress when debugging?
« Last post by Stauricus on February 21, 2019, 08:01:36 pm »
hello everybody

is it possible, when debugging, to watch a value pointed by a pointer? i mean, to see what is inside that adress?
in this picture, pi shows 0x7fffffffe714. is it possible to see the value 10 trough pi?

i searched about it, and found some people saying to dereference the pointers. but do they mean dereferencing in the actual code? do i have to make it to all pointer variables that i want to see "inside"?  :o

i hope i was able to explain the issue...  :-\
thanks for the help!
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