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This seems to be caused by the change in dragscroll...
Also I don't think it is a good idea to push this now. It will be good if you can wait a bit.
@Pecan: Could you take a look at this?
Aknowledge. I'll have a look at it.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: [HELP] How to change toolbar icons size?
« Last post by Metal_False on Yesterday at 06:45:33 pm »
Ok Thanks :D
Using Code::Blocks / Re: [HELP] How to change toolbar icons size?
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Yesterday at 02:11:23 pm »
At the moment you can rise the size only to 22x22 pixels, which wouldn't be enough.

The 17.12 release would probably be OK in size, but it would be blurry.
Using Code::Blocks / [HELP] How to change toolbar icons size?
« Last post by Metal_False on Yesterday at 01:02:55 pm »
I have just installed C::B on my surface pro.
And I noticed that toolbar icons are too small, I already tried to set size to normal on enviroment options but still to small.
Any other suggestion?

Can you explain how this patch works and what it tries to achieve?
I've tried to look at it, but I'm not familiar with the code, so I cannot really say if it is a good idea.
The patch is quite simple, it just translate all the "tree building" code snippets from running in a worker thread to the main GUI thread. Those code snippets was running both from the main GUI thread and worker thread. By using this patch, a custom event is used, when we need to build the tree or operating on the tree, the event if fired, and the final operations all happens in the main GUI thread.

Generally my understanding is that without a major redesign, the Class Browser would be a constant cause of problems. As far as I can see this is not a major redesign, but a try to workaround the problem...
Yes, I agree, this patch is just a workaround.
After some creative installation all is well.  Thanks for the push in the right direction!
Nightly builds / Re: The 08 October 2018 build (11499) is out.
« Last post by headkase on Yesterday at 03:50:11 am »
Hey guys i got a Problem on Manjaro/Arch with Version 17.12
i installed CB through official repo and it crashs at copy text ( strg + c / + v )

now i installed through AUR codeblocks-svn and its fine, but i didnt find official nightlies for linux.

where could i find and how to install that?

You're on Manjaro, not Arch.  Manjaro configures things for you so you don't actually know how it's set up like you know with Arch.

codeblocks-svn from the AUR is the proper way to build from source.  Makepkg with that and it will pull in the most current version at the time you invoked it.
Sorry to necrobump this thread, but I found a workaround. For some reason, the number of results possible automagically set itself to 16383. I dropped it down to 20 and have not had a lock up in several hours. I tried to get fancy and started an strace earlier (before reducing results returned) and the last line from Codeblocks was polling what looked to be mouse/keyboard interaction. The insane part is that the strace ALSO hung up, which caused my desktop session to also hang up. I was able to get everything cleared up by killing the strace and stuck codeblocks process through one of the virtual terminals.

Just making note and hoping this helps another. If there is some way I can help further, please let me know!

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