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Help / Re: Debugging issues
« Last post by BlueHazzard on June 23, 2019, 10:38:15 pm »
I have to stop the windows process 'cb_console_runner.exe' to get the compiler to re-run.
Is your program exiting properly?
Can you reproduce this with a minimal hello world example?
The console runner does only run as long as your program runs.
What version of codeblocks are you using?
Then complain about that at the Linux Mint Folks, latest release is 17.12, but i don't recommend using that in your case because afaik this also uses wxWidgets 2.8. Newer wxWidgets versions work much better in dark mode, your Linux probably ships a wxWidgets 3.0 version, you should build CodeBlocks from source against it, maybe even build wxWidgets 3.1 from source too.

Also that settings don't get saved sounds familiar. You are trying to fix a dead patient, thats kind of wasted time. Better upgrade to the latest source, if you still have issues, then you can try to fix them.

Since, it is likely an already fixed issue; I would not report the issue unless you see it in the newest CB release. Tim S.

I said (sortof) solved.  While I understand the mechanics of what's going on, the underlying technical question "Can the font color be changed?" has yet to be addressed.  I'm looking for an answer of either:

a) Yes you can and  this is how you do it.
b) No you can not and this is why.

Also, the second issue I discovered about settings not being saved, and questions related to it, have yet to be addressed as well.

Thirdly, Code::Blocks version 16.01 is the latest version installed through the linux mint software manager.  So any newer versions of Code::Blocks has not yet reached the linux mint software repository.

Again any assistance on these issues will be appreciated.

Very Truly Yours,
Citizen Joe
Since, it is likely an already fixed issue; I would not report the issue unless you see it in the newest CB release. Tim S.

Okay, did some more experimenting.  Made a test "Hello World" sorce code file and loaded it into Code::Blocks.  The "Symbols" label at the base of the tree will always be in a lighter colored font reguardless of weather it's the active label or not.  The sub-labels on the tree ("Global functions", "Macro definitions", etc) I found behave differently.  The sub-label, when active, will have its font in a lighter color.  When the sub-label is inactive and contains no items, then the sub-label font will remain in a darker color.  When the sub-label is inactive and contains at least one item, then the sub-label font will remain in a lighter color.  Still it would be nice to know if I can still change the darker color of the font to a lighter one.

So that little mystery is solved (sortof), but in exploring that I ran into a new issue.  The changes I made to the Enviroment  settings (as seen in attachment CBSS02) disappear upon closing Code::Blocks.  When you reopen the program it reverts to the default (as seen in attachment CBSS01).  It appears that the changes I'm making to the settings are not being save by Code::Blocks.  Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  Also since it's a new issue should I repost it seperately, or just leave it here?

Thanks again for any help given on either of these issues.

Very Truly Yours,
Citizen Joe
Help / Re: problem
« Last post by raynebc on June 22, 2019, 09:35:39 pm »
Unless you disabled compiler warnings, you likely got one that will point out the problem in this specific instance.  Going in and enabling all warnings (Settings>Compiler>Compiler flags tab>Enable all common compiler warnings) is helpful and something I always use.
Hi There,

This is my first question.  I did a search in the forum on what I was looking for (found one post), but it refers to a different set up than mine.

As the subject line suggests I'm trying to change some of the colors, specifically the font colors in the Management panel.  through a bit of trial and error I've managed to change the default (attachment CBSS01), to this (attachment CBSS02) which is more to my liking.  However, in the Management panel, Symbols tab, in the Symbols tree you'll see items labeled "Global functions", "Macro definitions", etc colored in black... It is the font colors of those items I'd like to change to a lighter color for easier readability.

For easier troubleshooting my setup is as follows:
Linux Mint version 19.1 Cinnamon edition (using Mint-Y-Dark theme)
Code::Blocks 16.01

Help on what particular settings to change, or files to edit would be appreciated.  If you require any further system information please let me know.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

Very Truly Yours,
Citizen Joe
I am a real human being from planet earth, and not an AI in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you for making Code::Blocks.  Keep up the great work.

Citizen Joe
Help / Debugging issues
« Last post by Robt800 on June 22, 2019, 06:28:57 pm »
Hi, I'm really quite new to programming (at least C - I come from a PLC background) - hence I've only been using code blocks a little while.

I've configured it to use cygwin on a windows 10 machine and everything is generally good.  However when I debugg I get the following error message appearing:

Cannot open file: /cygdrive/c/Personal/Learning/Programming/C_Language/Programs/Code_Chalenges/main.c

Now it still allows me to debugg - but it is annoying and I note that the compiler seems to freeze quite a bit and I have to stop the windows process 'cb_console_runner.exe' to get the compiler to re-run.

Any help/ pointers would be appreciated
Help / Re: problem
« Last post by BlueHazzard on June 22, 2019, 03:02:33 pm »
You should look at your print statement.... This does not look like it should be like that...

Just for your information: This forum does not give general programming advice. This is specific for codeblocks only. Read the rules of this forum for more information...
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