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Nightly builds / Re: The 10 June 2019 build (11730) is out.
« Last post by Frank_CB on Today at 02:44:51 am »
@oBFusCATed Thanks for responding!  I'm curious as to what is causing the asserts. Since these only just occur when C::B's IDE is opening, I can't visualize how it couuld be debugged. I'll just continue ignoring them. Hopefully, they aren't problematic? You referenced wx-master - what is it and how can I acquire that?

Help / Re: A Bug?
« Last post by Landslyde on Today at 02:02:27 am »
Hi oBFusCATed:

I sent the whole shabang in my post. This was an exercise from 2012 that introduced creating an external class that uses vectors on the class objects. One thing I didn't mention is that I have the project Build Options set for g++ to follow C++17 standards. My post's provided zip file has everything in it. Throw away the stuff you don't need, but it's all right there. If you need more information, please let me know.
Help / Re: A Bug?
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Today at 01:25:20 am »
I'm not 100% sure but I think our CC never supported operator overloading.
To properly report this we need minimal source code with zero includes.
The headers of stl might differ between different versions of your compiler and might expose different problems in CC.
Help / Re: A Bug?
« Last post by Landslyde on Today at 01:15:24 am »
Thanks for the response.

Code Completion works great for me. Except it absolutely goes MIA at the points stated in my post. So I'm thinking something's amiss in the Code Completion to make it stall out like that and take a nosedive. I hope someone will verify this through the provided project code. Delete getName() and/or getGrade() in the printVector function and try to bring the Code Completion into play.
What are the steps to reproduce this?
What do you mean by artefacts?
What OS? CB version? Wx version?
Nightly builds / Re: The 10 June 2019 build (11730) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Today at 12:23:35 am »
Frank_CB: Can you run CB with a debugger and when an assert happens to press the stop button? Then post the backtrace/callstack. These error messages aren't really helpful without a callstack or a way to reproduce.

Note1: Please make sure that you're running the correct update.bat script after you've built CB from CB.
Note2: 3.1.2 has some bugs that affected CB badly, probably you're better of using wx-master.
It is because of some missed invalidation or message sequencing in Editor.cxx in the scintilla

I did a work around where I increased invalidation, still occured, so I added a redraw on left mouse button up handler, and that is good enough.

Then I added a flag set in problem areas, where artifacts apeared, and do a redraw if that bool is set in idleloop

And that gets rid of all the artifacts,

I also moved the part that slows down auto scrolling in buttondownwithmodifiers function to where it only skips that functionality and does not skip selection itself.

If anyone has an actual fix, has never seen the artifacts while selecting, or wants a cludgy fix, it isn't annoying when selecting on this build.
The best method for proposing a change is creating a patch file (using svn diff > fix.patch) and attach it to a ticket. In the forum the messages are soon forgotten and the patches lost.

I don't have much skill in SVN and don't have a SVN setup on my laptop, only place I look at stuff such as this code.
You are right it is a better approach, and thanks for advice, although currently outside of my setup.

Not that big of a need anyways, but some probably wondered why that was occuring
Nightly builds / Re: The 10 June 2019 build (11730) is out.
« Last post by Frank_CB on Yesterday at 10:21:17 pm »

I've built a 64-bit version of C::B from SVN 11742 source on Windows 10 using the 11730 build. When I execute it (11742), i get debug asserts.  Images are attached.

The wxWidgets libraries that I'm using are version 3.1.2.  11730 uses version 3.1.1.

Does anyone know if this might be the reason for the asserts?

Help / Re: Debugging issues
« Last post by Robt800 on Yesterday at 09:52:28 pm »
Thanks I will have a look at those tomorrow

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