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Help / Error 193 using Debug
« Last post by engineering08 on Today at 05:07:38 am »

I am attempting to setup Code::Blocks to develop on my Arduino Uno board. I have the compiler setup but am having issues with the debugger. When I run Debug I get an Error 193. Google has been no help so far, everyone seems to be stating that it has to deal with a space in the path but I have removed all spaces and am still getting the error.

I welcome any other help, just let me know what may help. I am fairly new to code::blocks and it is been 10 years plus since i have programmed.
Development / Re: Building on ARM
« Last post by stahta01 on Yesterday at 10:22:24 pm »
Hmm, that TRAP must be being used somewhere otherwise the compiler would ignore it. Maybe something like this would be a more elegant solution It seems to cover most common architectures.

I am guessing it is used; but, I still have no idea where it is used.

Tim S.
Development / Re: Wrong spell checker on russian (and probably other languages)
« Last post by osdt on Yesterday at 09:59:37 pm »
.. patches with calls to setlocale(LC_ALL, "en_US.utf8"); are really unacceptable.
It would be great if someone who knows the UTF stuff on linux would help... I can not find any information how to get iswspace working on linux. If the default locale is "C" it does not work ...

A single call to ::setlocale(LC_ALL, "") (or at least LC_CTYPE) early at CB startup will be the way to go. It's needed by many character conversion functions, even wxString::mb_str(...) and friends needs it to be set correctly.

Quote from:
       The behavior of iswspace() depends on the LC_CTYPE category of the current locale.
Nightly builds / Re: The 06 October 2019 build (11872) is out.
« Last post by sodev on Yesterday at 09:08:16 pm »
Well, there is a standard for catalog names, e. g. The problem here is that his catalogs don't contain the country code, i think it is a common pattern to fallback to the pure language code in that case.
Nightly builds / Re: The 06 October 2019 build (11872) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Yesterday at 08:14:21 pm »
It's to C::B to build the right name, not to other softs, I think.
This is true if there is something like a standard for naming. If anybody is free to name its dictionaries files whatever he likes then how are we supposed to select the images?
Development / Re: Building on ARM
« Last post by Pecan on Yesterday at 07:16:04 pm »
The LOGGING #define was accidentally left in the 'debug' target of KeyBinder.
I'll remove the target.

Fixed At revision: 11880
Nightly builds / Re: The 06 October 2019 build (11872) is out.
« Last post by gd_on on Yesterday at 06:16:32 pm »
I have created a ticket (#883).
I can rename my Thunderbird dictionaries of course (or in LibreOffice), but it's not a good solution. It's to C::B to build the right name, not to other softs, I think.
As told previously, It's just a minor problem that I can solve temporarilly by renaming the png file (or better by creating a hardlink with LinkShellExtension in Windows).
Help / Re: undefined reference to `GetStockObject@4'|
« Last post by stahta01 on Yesterday at 06:07:27 pm »
Do not tell the linker to look for libraries in a folder that does not exist!

Code: [Select]
mingw32-g++.exe -LG:\SDL\SDL-devel-1.2.15-mingw32\SDL-1.2.15\lib -LG:\SDK\Lib -LD:\CodeBlocks\MinGW\lib -o bin\Debug\WindowMain_0.exe obj\Debug\WindowMain_0.o -lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL D:\CodeBlocks\MinGW\lib

Edit: If the folder does exist, then remove the folder from the "other linker options".

Tim S.
Piling up workarounds doesn't improve things and sooner or later leads to a re-write.
So why don't you do the rewrite at this very moment and save yourself some time and extra work? :)

The set of word characters is probably correct, because ctrl-left, ctrl-right seem to work correctly or at least they are adequate.
And I think these use the current locale set on the editor or it might be using UTF8 internally. I'm not sure.
But anyway scintilla should handle encodings well, because this is one of its main tasks.

p.s. Also have you measured performance? All these calls your making aren't cheap at all!
Nightly builds / Re: The 06 October 2019 build (11872) is out.
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Yesterday at 01:13:28 pm »
@killerbot: This should be fixed in master.

@gd: This is separate issue, but I don't know what we could do about it. Post a ticket and we might consider it. Have you tried to rename your dictionary to match the flags (no idea if there is something special in the file which prevents renaming)?
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