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Help / Error After Installing
« Last post by anser on Today at 01:44:29 am »
Hi Everyone,

I downloaded Code::Blocks (codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe) and keep getting the following error:

Current compiler 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2010' doesn't have correctly defined debugger!

Also a picture has been attached.

If anyone knows how to correct this, I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
I think this is because windows uses precompiled headers? And linux not?
More likely that a different code path pulls in different transitive includes, thats why you should always make your includes self contained :).
General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Re: __attribute__ Not Recognized
« Last post by spflanze on Yesterday at 11:41:39 pm »
Thank you for this answer. The WXDLLIMPEXP_CORE macro after the public keyword is the error's cause. Once removed this and all similar derived class declarations the compile was successful.

The original expectation was the parent class would have to appear in the line that creates the derived class in the same way the parent class was declared. In Windows 7 doing so did not trigger an error and compiled.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: File manager and refactoring
« Last post by Phumus-9 on Yesterday at 06:13:50 pm »
Moreover I have problems concerning refactoring. If I want to change the name of a variable I select that variable, right click on it, "Code refactoring", "Rename symbols" and I write the new name in the dialog box. All ok, but then if I have another variable with the same name, then it changes that variable too (for example in a setter method of a class this happens frequently). This makes the refactoring pretty useless... Is there another way to refactor my code?

This feature is supplied by CodeCompletion plugin, and this plugin has bugs. It would be better to file a bug report on our Ticket system so that this bug won't lost.

BTW: fix such bug is not easy I guess.  :)

Thanks for the answer, I thoutght it was the normal behaviour, since eve when I select a variable, the highlighting too highlights all the occurrences.
Btw I suggest you to report this bug somewhere in the IDE, because at the beginning I didn't understand why it was acting like that.

What about my first question about file manegement?
If the gdb in mingw64 is python enabled the next version would probably have this working out of the box.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: {thread search] File mask not saved
« Last post by BlueHazzard on Yesterday at 04:37:49 pm »
Ok, i applied the patches about the file masks: points 2 and 4
There is still point 3, where i still have to figure out how the sizer have to be set and the crash reported in ticket 777
Ok, it worked... Thank you!
Well here we are.... I have commited with the wrong message text... Is there a way to edit the commit message?
Yes, you can edit the commit message. Under Windows, you can do this in TortoiseSVN, and right click of that commit, it will shown in context menu.

PS: I remember I did this several years ago. Now, I don't use TortoiseSVN for a long time. :)
Well here we are.... I have commited with the wrong message text... Is there a way to edit the commit message?
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