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When I run it under command line, its result is ok.
I provide you citation of the
Code: [Select]

#Скрипт генерирует мэйкфайл с добавлением значения параметра коммандной строки ($1) к переменной CONFIG Qt .pro файла. is for Qt env. variables
. ~/


echo CONFIG += $1 >

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        qmake -makefile;
        exit 1;

Just examine the work of CB yourself.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: Linking the pthread library
« Last post by oBFusCATed on Today at 07:31:25 am »
mloutris: This solution is wrong on many levels.

1. You need to pass -pthread not -lpthread.
2. You need to pass it both to the compiler and linker.
3. Putting such options in the global settings is wrong, you need to put these in the project, so the code could be moved from one machine to the next...

The original problem in the topic is related to the use of rpath=@ORIGIN by the looks of it...
Using Code::Blocks / Re: Linking the pthread library
« Last post by mloutris on Today at 04:38:30 am »
don't enter pthread under libraries, but in additional linker options as -pthread

I ran into this as well. To be more precise, in CB 16.01, from the top menu bar, select 'Settings->Compiler'
Then select the 'Linker Settings' tab, and near the bottom of the window, select the 'Add' button,
enter 'pthread' (without the single quotes!), as Code::Blocks will prepend the '-l' automatically.
Click on the 'OK' button and rebuild.
Help / Re: Missing msvcr70.dll?
« Last post by raynebc on Yesterday at 11:06:33 pm »
Do NOT do that unless you want viruses.  Re-install the program that needs msvcr70.dll as the program's installer is required to put that file on your computer appropriately.
Help / Re: Missing msvcr70.dll?
« Last post by mason85 on Yesterday at 09:11:58 pm »
I have faced same issue on windows 10 and I have solved it as follow:
1) Visit this website:

choose your operating system and download msvcr70.dll

2) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\MinGW
and paste msvcr70.dll there

3) Run code:Blocks
Development / Re: CodeBlocks Compiling
« Last post by stahta01 on Yesterday at 08:52:53 pm »
FYI: If you are trying to build [with] an ANSI instead of an Unicode wxWidgets then state that fact!!

Tim S.
Development / Re: CodeBlocks Compiling
« Last post by stahta01 on Yesterday at 05:29:28 pm »
@riban: I suggest you post a build log with the issue.
Post the compiler version info.
Post the wxWidgets version info.
Edit: Post the command used to build wxWidgets or your source of the already built wx library.
Post the Code::Blocks source code version info.

Tim S.
Help / Re: How to include "config.h" defines?
« Last post by BlueHazzard on Yesterday at 12:57:17 pm »
the define highlighting in codeblocks is really rudimentary, and i think it only works as a per file basis (but i am not sure about this)
Development / Re: CodeBlocks Compiling
« Last post by riban on Yesterday at 11:55:57 am »
I am seeing same results with wxUSE_STL = 0.

I worked around it by changing private.h (just for the offending build targets):

Replace line 680 with:
Code: [Select]
m_clsname = wxString::FromUTF8(wc.lpszClassName);Replace line 695 with:
Code: [Select]
if ( !::UnregisterClass(m_clsname.mb_str(), wxhInstance) )Replace wxGetFullModuleName at line 773 with:
Code: [Select]
inline wxString wxGetFullModuleName(HMODULE hmod)
    wxString fullname;
    char cName[MAX_PATH];
    if ( !::GetModuleFileName
            ) )
    fullname = wxString::FromUTF8(cName);
    return fullname;

This was rather irksome but allowed me to build the project. We need to resolve this issue. It only affects some build targets even though others use the same private.h file so these functions do work but maybe some configuration difference between the build targets.
Help / How to include "config.h" defines?
« Last post by visir on Yesterday at 09:42:56 am »
Hello. I have a "config.h" file, generated by a "configure" script. I want codeblocks to highlight the code according to #defines in it.

I don't use codeblocks to actually build anything, I use it for the debugger. I have set it to "this is a custom makefile", and makefile is set to "NOTHING", so that I don't accidentally break anything by pressing "compile". The side effect of it is that I can't set my custom #defines anymore.

The program I'm studying right now is ffmpeg.
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