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Title: unconditional header compilation issue, bug or feature?
Post by: valkenar on July 20, 2006, 08:32:20 pm
It seems that if you open the properties of a header file, set it to be compiled but not linked, and then use a custom compilation command, the command is always executed whether or not the header has been modified.  Is this intended behavior that I could consider requesting be change, or should I report it as a bug?

Incidentally, what I'm using this for is to easily handle QT applications.  By setting a header file's compilation argument to "moc -omoc_file.cpp file.h" and including moc_file.cpp in the project, I don't have to remember to do a separate moc step from the command line every time I change a header file that needs to be mocced.  The issue I have currently is that because the header is being "compiled" every time the project is built, moc file is always recreated and thus recompiled by codeblocks.  It's not a serious issue, but it is a slightly annoying waste of time when the header files may be only rarely modified.