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Title: Tool's output
Post by: AZ on October 12, 2019, 04:42:01 pm
 i need to monitor the tty. for this i put together a small shell script (~/bin/monitor), that calls with a ${PROJECT_DIR} where it parses and pics port and baud params for the execution of :
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~/bin/monitor ${PROJECT_DIR}

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//the boilerplate code removed $baud $port

the challenge :
 a. when the xterm opens up and launches the "monitor", I can't select and copy the output to a buffer.
 b. as a workaround i thought i can redirect the output from the tool into a log. what params can i use in the "Tools"?
 c. ideally, i'd like to have the "monitor" to run one of the CB output windows ( like build log, valgrind etc). How can this be achieved?

My attempt to use "Tools+" and specifying the output to "Tools output window", got me :
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execvp(~/bin/monitor, /home/az/Work/Arduino/Proj/) failed with error 2!


thank you.