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Title: Cannot find codeblocks-contrib-17.12 anywhere.
Post by: joga on September 16, 2019, 02:27:54 pm
Hi. I'm running Debian stretch and Code::Blocks 17.12. If I try to install codeblocks-contrib from the repo, I can't, because the version in the debian repository is for Code::Blocks 16. I had a pain in the a$$ installing 17.12, but this was months ago, and I gave up the attempt to install contrib then.

I don't seem to find codeblocks-contrib-17.xx anywhere (the Code::Blocks project page has a wiki for the various contrib projects, but no download links. I added the repos from to my sources.list, but that didn't enable me to install codeblocks-contrib.

I'm trying to set up a toolchain for "bare metal" ARM (arm-none-eabi-gcc) and I found some sort of plugin to let Code::Blocks recognize this compiler (from Maybe is is a separate question, how to build a toolchain for ARM. I will search this forum for any topics relating to this. For now, I just want to make the contribs working with my installation.
Title: Re: Cannot find codeblocks-contrib-17.12 anywhere.
Post by: oBFusCATed on September 16, 2019, 07:50:36 pm
To make codeblocks-contrib working you need to find one which matches your codeblocks package. On debian there are many packages. All of them must match. If they don't match then you'll have either install failures or random crashes. I'm not sure if the download section on the site contains packages for your distro.

For help with package management, please contact some kind of debian support. I'm sure they'll be able to give you better advices.

Building toolchains is really advanced and painful task. :( Try to find packages as always it should save you time and frustration.
Title: Re: Cannot find codeblocks-contrib-17.12 anywhere.
Post by: joga on September 16, 2019, 08:38:10 pm
Thanks for your answer.

Well, debian doesn't have code blocks 17 in its repo, I was forced to install it from other sources. But since I could find 17.12 in a deb package and since 17.12 has been out for quite a while, I'm surprised that I cannot find it for download anywhere (well, I have found codeblocks-contrib-17.12 in a RPN package, but that doesn't help).

I switched to 17.12 because of an "ingooglable" bug that all my installations of Code::Blocks has suffered from since 2014 (on various debian x86 and debian AMD64). At random some file windows are completely grayed out when switching to their tab (for instance, having "main.c" and "global.h" in different tabs, working with main.c and switching to global.h and find that the window is all but gray). Nothing except restarting Code::Blocks helps. No one on this planet seems to experience this irritating and show-stopping bug except me. At least 17.12 worked.

Building a tool chain should be easy. It often is. I don't know why I even need the "-contrib" part, as this should be easy. My AVR toolchain works fine, my AMD64-gcc toolchain works fine, my gcc Fortran toolchaing works fine. All in Code::Blocks. But, the question of tool chain is best to leave to another thread. My problem right now are the impossibility of getting codeblocks-contrib-17.12. I cannot understand the lack of download links on the main page. Since there is a RPN package to be found, and probably a windows installer, a deb package should be a no-brainer. Or at least sources and build instructions.