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Title: Scripted Wizard: Adding feature to wxWidgets wizard (testing steps)
Post by: stahta01 on May 16, 2017, 01:32:56 am
Anyone already have a list of things to test after modifying wxWidgets wizard?

I have created a patch that adds these project variables and now I need to test for problem(s).
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      WX_COMPILER example value is "gcc".

This is part one of my planned changes to get the CB wxWidgets wizard to work with the binaries provided by the team. The next part requires editing the xrc and it was a sticking point the last time I tried this type of change.

But, I re-wrote the changes from scratch this time and I think I made the changes much smaller in size.

The xrc will have a box above or below the "configure:" to enter an compiler name which will default to the correct value most of the time. Example values will be "gcc", "vc", or "bcc". To do this right I will have to do major changes to the OnLeave_WxConf to allow the entering of the prebuilt binaries value like "gcc471TDM" to work.

Edit1: My current test plans are
1. Check with missing default.conf (to confirm it works with default created config)
2A.Check on win32 with at least two compilers ( gcc wx3.1.x, bcc wx3.0.2, and openwatcom wx2.8.12)
2B.Check on win64 with at least two compilers ( gcc wx3.1.x and MSVC wx3.0.2)
3A. Check on win32 with two downloaded binaries ( wxMSW-3.0.3_gcc510TDM_Dev.7z and wxMSW-3.0.3_gcc492TDM_Dev.7z )
3B. Check on win64 with two downloaded binaries ( gcc510TDM_x64 and vc???_x64 )
4. Check with release and debug self built binaries in one project
5. Check that add wxWidgets target works

I have no idea if I can figure out how to build wxWidgets using bcc and openwatcom.

Edit2: Created patch (

Tim S.

Title: Re: Scripted Wizard: Adding feature to wxWidgets wizard (testing steps)
Post by: BlueHazzard on May 24, 2017, 04:00:21 pm
Hi, thank you for working on this. This is important work...

I have downloaded and applied this patch.
I have downloaded
extracted it and tried to create a new wxWidgets project.
I Tried all paths but i always get the error that the wxWidgets library could not be found...
my directory structure:
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        │   └───wx
        │       └───msw

any direction how to install and use it correctly?

Title: Re: Scripted Wizard: Adding feature to wxWidgets wizard (testing steps)
Post by: stahta01 on June 01, 2017, 10:11:14 pm
You should have just needed to change the compiler from the default of "gcc" to "gcc492TDM" to get it to work.

Did you try that?

I missed seeing this post; sorry about the delay in response.

Edit: I just noticed that you failed to have the include folder in the path shown.
In addition to the library you need the header download.

Tim S.