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Title: Xref support
Post by: mariocup on February 23, 2010, 12:39:33 pm

I was wondering if a tool exists that supports the display of references and the listing of their access. E.g. where is a variable written or read? At Google I found that source-navigator ( has this built-in feature (see attachment).

Does anyone know if there is a command-line tool that can gather this information and perhaps there is a chance in integrating it in CB.

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Title: Re: Xref support
Post by: blueshake on February 23, 2010, 01:10:43 pm
It is said that ccope can do this work.,11803.msg80115.html#msg80115 (,11803.msg80115.html#msg80115)

I cite the functions from the mainpage here.
Allows searching code for:
all references to a symbol
global definitions
functions called by a function
functions calling a function
text string
regular expression pattern
a file
files including a file
Curses based (text screen)
An information database is generated for faster searches and later reference
The fuzzy parser supports C, but is flexible enough to be useful for C++ and Java, and for use as a generalized 'grep database' (use it to browse large text documents!)
Has a command line mode for inclusion in scripts or as a backend to a GUI/frontend
Runs on all flavors of Unix, plus most monopoly-controlled operating systems.