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Title: Qt 3.3 template?
Post by: johnc on October 25, 2005, 02:18:50 am
I'm just getting started with C::B, and am porting a Mac OS X / Qt 3.3.5 application to Windows. The Qt 4 template that comes with C::B is a great starting point, and the Forum show people are actively thinking about how to work more smoothly with Qt in C::B. But for now I am stuck with Qt 3.3.5. Does anyone have a template, or a project set up for Qt 3.3.x that they would share?

A posting in another thread suggested that the best way to set up a Qt 3.3.x project in C::B was to run moc and uic THEN add all the headers and source they generate to a new project. Is this advice still valid, or is there now a better way??


Title: Re: Qt 3.3 template?
Post by: yop on October 26, 2005, 08:47:51 pm
Nope still the same... Search for a post on using qmake also. I have patched my codeblocks installation to use qmake for makefile generation but it's too custom (just the featres I needed). Maybe I should work on that a bit more and release it and let the developers see what they can use...