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Title: Compile Raknet
Post by: Comand_Fire on October 15, 2005, 11:17:13 pm
Man is there any tutorial so i can compile raknet with COde Blocks??

I m stucked help me
Title: Re: Compile Raknet
Post by: Ceniza on October 16, 2005, 02:22:31 am
I just tested the compilation process and this is how I got it to compile:

1. Download the latest RakNet version and decompress it somewhere.
2. Open Code::Blocks.
3. In Code::Blocks: Project -> Import -> Dev-C++ Project
4. In the dialog go to the folder you decompressed RakNet in and open
5. Select the compiler (I suppose it'll be GNU GCC Compiler)
6. OK
7. In Code::Blocks: Project -> Build options
8. Click the "Directories" label in the NoteBook
9. In the Compiler label (the one selected by default) you should see "C:\RakNet\include". Click that entry.
10. Click Edit.
11. Type "Include" (without the quotes).
12. OK in that dialog.
13. OK in the "Project's build options" dialog.
14. Click in the blue gear (Build).
15. Wait.
16. Celebrate.