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Symbols Browser Bug?
« on: February 09, 2007, 01:13:28 am »

Been regularly using the Nightly builds on Windows XP (now using rev.3589) and just noticed some strange behavior with the Symbols browser.

The situation happens when:
1) Create a workspace with several projects that contain identical filenames (obviously saved in different paths).
2) The files with identical filenames contain identical symbol names.
3) Activate the first project in the project tree.
4) Set the Symbols browser's view to "Active project's symbols" (Reparse if necessary)
5) Double click on any of the symbols that are also contained in the files of another project of the workspace.

I would expect this to open the file of the activated project and jump to the symbol.
However, what happens is that the file of a different project (seems to be the last one in the tree with an identical symbol) is opened and jumps to the symbol.

In my case, I have 3 projects in the workspace.
The first and third projects contain identical filenames with a few identical structure names.
When I double click on a structure with the first project activated, the file contained in the third project is opened.

Is this expected behavior?
Just wanted to check in advance before I report it as a bug.
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