Author Topic: Workaround: How to run CodeBlocks under winME ?  (Read 2766 times)

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Workaround: How to run CodeBlocks under winME ?
« on: January 14, 2007, 10:17:54 am »
Hello everybody.

This posting refers to an other of mine in the nightly-buids forum some months ago. Since I stated to use the nightly builds of CodeBlocks last summer I had the problem to start it on my winME-systems. I use the ansi-builds of Sethjackson. On one mashine C::B runs only in the background with out the possibility to open its window. On the other computer I was able to open C::B but if I tried to configure the editor C::B crashed. But now I found a way to manage this problems with a little workaround:

How to make Codeblocks visible under winME ?
There are some files in the ansi-build wich seams to be not up-to-date or not necessary anymore. With out this files it is possible to start C::B.
This files are: 
   ->share->CodeBlocks->lexers    : lexer_masm.xml,    lexer_masm.sample
   ->share->CodeBlocks->plugins   : compilergcc.dll,    debuggergdb.dll
   ->share->CodeBlocks               :,
(If you are in the main-folder of the ansi-build named “output” follow the sub-directory path to find the files)

Delete the files or put them in to a additional folder like: output ->share->CodeBlocks->NotUsed
Since some builds C::B starts with an error-message you can avoid by deleting or moving as the other files:
   ->share->CodeBlocks->plugins   : CBProfiler.dll

After this changes C::B starts on my winME-systems and I'm able to work with it. But perhaps it may be necessary to delete or move some additional files on your computer. Try it out.

How to configure the editor of CodeBlocks under winME ?
If C::B crashes after clicking the line “Editor” in the setting-menu. You may avoid this by renaming the subfolder “share->CodeBlocks->lexers” for example in  “share->CodeBlocks->lexers_” before starting C::B. Now it should be able to open the editor-dialog. After configuration is complete close C::B and undo the renaming of  the lexers-folder. With out this last step C::B isn't able to highlight the syntax. Now you can start C::B again with the new editor-configuration.

Dear Sethjackson.
I'm a user of your ansi-build and I'm really thankful for your work. So please take me wrong, if I ask  you to ask yourself, if it is really necessary to put the files (mentioned above) in to the ansi-build. If they are not necessary it is an easy bug-fix to remove them before the next build. The crash while starting the editor is an other thing and I can live with my workaround.

Best Regards,
                        Eckard Klotz. 

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Re: Workaround: How to run CodeBlocks under winME ?
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2007, 11:17:09 am »
Hi, thanks for the guide, but this problem was already addressed some time ago. Here's the solutions we come up with:

1) To make CodeBlocks visible after start, delete just the debugger plugin dll (debugger.dll). This is because the debugger plugin creates 6 "tool" windows which interfere with the main window. It's just this plugin.

2) To open the editor setting, delete all the plugins that make CodeBlocks crash when trying to open the settings dialog. I've deleted them all except the necessary plugins: compiler.dll, debugger.dll (but you can delete this too) and defaultmimehandler.dll. You can keep also the "small" plugins like codestat.dll, xpmanifest.dll, codesnippets.dll, envvars.dll, help_plugin.dll and so on.

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Re: Workaround: How to run CodeBlocks under winME ?
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2007, 07:13:56 pm »
Hello Kkez.

Thank you for your answer and excuse my late reply.

I'm not able to understand your solution.

If you delete the debugger.dll you don't have a debugger, have you?. And it's the same with all other plugins, isn't it. On the other side if you delete the dlls I've mentioned you only delete old versions of plugins which have other dells now.

For example the compiler_gcc.dll is replaced by the compiler.dll. Only the two lexer-files are still in the xp-version also, but you will only miss them if you are programming in masm (I think this is the assembler of microchip PIC-controller)

So why should I delete more dlls?

Best regards
                 Eckard Klotz.