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Re: Some C::B Suggestions...
« Reply #30 on: November 18, 2006, 04:51:00 pm »
this is probably getting way off topic, but it's shakes fault for bringing up Python. I can start another thread after this if people want to continue discussing python.

No, but honestly: A college of mine bugs me every week when Python support might be added. So far I provided him the "InterpretedLang" plugin and the python lexer. Anyway: The plugin is buggy and altogether this is not of *much* help. So I'd *love* to see a "native" python plugin myself, too.
With regards, Morten.

1. you should have told me that people were actually using the InterpretedLangs plugin. I fixed the bugs weeks ago (none of the InterpretedLangs menus actually produced the desired action, although the context clicking did work). I can put the plugin back up if you want. There's still a small problem with spaces in filenames, but that's a pretty easy fix.

2. I've stopped working on a generic interpreted langs plugin and I'm working exclusively on a python plugin:

a. Already, it lets you run and debug python code. The debugger allows you to set/remove breakpoints using the familiar CB editor interface, tracks your code in the editor as you step through the program and watch variables (currently in a wxTextCtrl, but eventually I'll implement a wxGrid). A lot of UI is still unfinished (no debugger toolbar - the gdbdebugger plugin doesn't like to share and I'm reluctant to change it), so I'm relying on a menu to offer functionality (I guess you could set keyboard shortcuts, but the shortcut plugin seems to have problems if menu items have duplicate names even if on different menus - I'll look into this and fix if necessary)

b. Besides improving the UI, I'm planning to add project support (relatively easy, but Mandrav will have to provide some input on what I'm allowed to do in project files), some sort of source browsing (a lot trickier) and integration with c/c++ (this is the main reason I'm writing this for C::B instead of collaborating on some python specific project).

EDIT: I'm about 3-4 hours of coding time from putting up a bleeding edge alpha for Python run/debug functionality, so I'll post something within a week
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Re: Some C::B Suggestions...
« Reply #31 on: November 18, 2006, 06:37:12 pm »
you should have told me that people were actually using the InterpretedLangs plugin. I fixed the bugs weeks ago [...]
Well what get's posted here is automatically used - you can count on that. ;-)
I heard rumors that even the major guru liked InterpretedLangs. Anyway: If you fixed a million bugs mind posting an update here? I could incorporate my changes, too then - except I did the same you did... ;-)
With regards, Morten.

Edit: BTW: To all others using InterpretedLangs and experiencing the crash on "OK" in the settings: The source is in void ConfigDialog::OnDown(wxCommandEvent &event) where an unsigned int value of possibly zero get's decreased by one... ;-)
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Re: Some C::B Suggestions...
« Reply #32 on: November 20, 2006, 11:24:20 am »
Python plugin sounds sweet! (i guess I was over reacting to CINT, Python more suited to Interactivity :D )

Atm my colleague and I lecture Computational Physics course in C and Python, if the plugin works then WE COULD USE C::B instead of iPython and Pelles C (<-ghey, but good ANSI/Setup/Noobie Docs), so theres some motivation for yas :P

Another wacky suggestion... can C::B be made available in multi package form like Enthon Python. Enthon Python is a packaging of Python Modules for Scientific Computing. C::B could be packaged (like what bigbug did with MinGW and Boost in nightly) to fill various niches like Scientific Computing, Qt etc.
Just a thought...

Anyways keep up the good work

EDIT: This is also equivalent EasyEclipse to a degree
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Re: Some C::B Suggestions...
« Reply #33 on: December 21, 2006, 10:09:28 am »
Excuse my ignorance, but has a doxygen integration plugin been developed by anyone? Personally i think there is potentially a lot of value to be added by doing this, including integrating the documentation comments into the editor (ie syntax highlighting and stuff), as well as an integrated documentation browser (kind of like MSDN).

In short if i were to do this, it would have the following features:
  • Syntax highlighting for the documentation scheme of your choice
  • a compile documentation button that will compile the documentation according to a set of options*
  • an integrated documentation lookup on classes and functions that will attempt to find the documentation on said class or function(like F1 in M$ Visual Studio and its MSDN)
  • an accompanying viewer for said lookup (for simplicity one could also just use HTML and open the page in firefox or other web browser)
  • integrate the documentation into the tooltips

*I think a nice set of options would be to automatically add the documentation to a documentation library, used by an integrated documention veiwer. Also basic doxygen config file stuff, so filters and output formats and all that stuff.

Unfortunately i havent had much time to look into this, so please forgive me if work has already been done :)

Just as a side note, I've been doing some coding in visual studio at my place of work because unfortunately thats their IDE of choice, but i will say that the integrated code documentation tools(for C#, i dont know about the other langs) make documenting your code at time of writing an absolute pleasure, not to mention that these integrate into the tooltips! In short, it makes documenting your code actually rewarding and ultimately leads to more productive coding ;)