Author Topic: If A Build Fails due to Warning, Program Launches Anyway  (Read 2117 times)

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If A Build Fails due to Warning, Program Launches Anyway
« on: October 15, 2006, 11:44:53 pm »
I have -Werror on (ie build fails when there are warnings) and have a built executable where Code::Blocks expects one.  I make a change that creates a warning during the build and causes the build to fail.  Meaning no new executable produced but there still is one.

Code::Blocks launches the program anyways (even though it wasn't rebuilt because the compiler saw a warning) and removes warning messages from the message window.  If you aren't careful its looks like your program built correctly.

If any source file is older than the current executable don't launch the program and keep the message pane (with the compiler's warning message) intact.  Possibly pop up a message telling the user the build failed.

Bug Report.

P.S.- Just turned CodeCompletion back on under Linux, and it rocks.  Despite about 3 crashes an hour (!), I haven't lost any data and being able to jump around the code and use the toolbar have been a great help.  I might try running CB under gdb and doing some development and catching what's causing all these crashes.  Still waiting patiently the the typedef struct {} name; support :).
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