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Cannot increase the number of parallel build processes beyond 16

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I am using the latest Code::Blocks 20.  I try to increase the number of parallel builds to 32 but it can only go up to 16. 
It will no go up even if I change the setting <PARALLEL_PROCESSES int="32" /> in $HOME/.config/codeblocks/default.conf and restart Code::Blocks. 
What is the factor that caps this value?

I think it is locked to the maximum count of (virtual) cpus your pc has, because it makes no sense to increase the number past this number

I don't think that's the case.  My CentOS VM starts with 4 CPU on a 12 CPU MacPro (the cylindrical model) and I can have set up to 16 parallel builds.  Even if I bump the VM CPU to 8 and eventually to 12 CPU with 32 GB memory and 128 GB HD.
But  CodeBlocks still max out at 16 parallel builds.

I assume Parallel builds is at thread level to launch multiple compiler processes. 
Number of CPU can affect the performance but should not be the limiting factor.

I think that value is hardcoded and its maximum got increased in the past, sadly i can't find the commit. Im my build (r12183) i can increase the number to 65K.

That's what I suspect.  Maybe CodeBlocks cannot handle more than 16 concurrent builds due to some architectural limitation or unresolved issues?


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