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Buongiorno: - Compiler Plugin

The Compiler plugin provides the compilers cited( GNU [...], Microsoft Visual [...], Borland [...]. Or if you have one of them, you can use them in CodeBlocks?

Is it the same with the Debugger plugin?
It provides GNU/GDB, MS CDB or if you have one of them, you can use them in CodeBlocks?

Is the compiler which can be installed together the "GNU[...]"?
And that program is only a compiler or comes with a debugger?

Your questions aren't clear. What do you mean exactly?

Thank you for your attetion.

The compiller plugin, when I install it, it's come with the compillers mentioned or the that plugin is just to use with that compillers? ( Interface, like mentioned in the link).
  Something like that with debugger plugin.

If it is an interface, it's like this: the plugin just will work with the compiller which I have installed in my computer?

Yes, you install separate compiler and debuggers.
Then you tell C::B where to find then and what settings to pass to them.
There is a windows installer which provides compiler/debugger, but they aren't mandatory.


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