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An unhandled exception ...

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My test wit Linux :
- Linux OS (OpenSuse-Leap-15.1 last update) with 6GB memory and 2GB swap
- cb-12180 compiled with gcc-750-64bits, wx-303

1- start cb-12180 wit no project
    CB->Editor->Ensure Consistent EOLs = Yes
    CB->Editor->End of Line : LF
2- load 'All_codeblocksCRLF.po' with end of line 'CRLF'
3- add a space and save the file
4- the cursor indicates an important background task and the memory used increases linearly
5- ATTENTION : you must kill CB before reaching maximum memory or the system will crash !
   No message appears !

I had to reinstall a copy of my OpenSuse disk after this mishap !

It seems to be caused by the "ChangeBar" patches to Scintilla we're using. It is not crashing on my machine, but uses a lot of memory, so I guess if you look in dmesg you'll see an OoM message. You can improve the testing time of this by disabling swap. Without swap when you get out of memory you'll get a direct crash. If you want to prevent crashes but you have a lot of time you could setup bigger swap.

I'm not sure how to resolve the problem, I'm not really familiar with the patch and should investigate it.

Thank you for the test that partially corroborates mine.
Maybe contact the developer who maintains 'Scintilla'?

This is the plan, but talking to Neil is not the most pleasant or fruitful experience. :(


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