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An unhandled exception ...

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I wanted to edit some old translation files :

--- Quote ---'All_codeblocks.po'  ( # 1.5MB)
'All_codeblocks.pot' ( # 1 MB)

--- End quote ---
with cb-12180, wx3.1.3, gcc-8.1.0, win32 (Vista Business)

When saving :
1- the cursor indicates a wait
2- memory usage increases linearly up to
3- Appearance of a window indicating an exception not maintained
4- after acknowledgement on any CB answer disappears
5- no RPT report

Active plugins:

--- Quote ---- AutoSave
- Compiler
- Environment variables
- File extension handler
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---No problem with cb12180, wx3.0.3, gcc-7.5.0 OpenSuse-Leap-15.1
--- End quote ---

I'll test under Win7 tomorrow.

Can you check if you have the same problem ??

- All_codeblocks.po
- cbBigFile.png

What are the exact steps to reproduce the problem?

Did you answer Abort, Retry, or ignore to the message box?

Edit: I will try Abort; building C::B on Windows 7 64 bit with wxWidgets 3.0.x 64 bit.
Edit2: Saw no problem with C::B on Windows 7 64 bit with wxWidgets 3.0.x 64 bit
Now trying wxWidgets 3.1.x 64 bit; but, without the steps likely will fail to see error.
Edit4: Did not see problem with wxWidgets 3.1.3.

Edit3: Using MSys2 GCC self compiled 10.1.1 20200621

Tim S.

I just did a code search for the message and found one in "wxApp::OnExceptionInMainLoop" that is in file "src/msw/app.cpp".

--- Code: ---bool wxApp::OnExceptionInMainLoop()
    // ask the user about what to do: use the Win32 API function here as it
    // could be dangerous to use any wxWidgets code in this state
    switch (
                wxT("An unhandled exception occurred. Press \"Abort\" to \
terminate the program,\r\n\
\"Retry\" to exit the program normally and \"Ignore\" to try to continue."),
                wxT("Unhandled exception"),
                MB_ABORTRETRYIGNORE |
        case IDABORT:

            wxFAIL_MSG( wxT("unexpected MessageBox() return code") );

        case IDRETRY:
            return false;

        case IDIGNORE:
            return true;

--- End code ---

Tim S.

Thank you for searching for the 'wx' function responsible for the message.
I can't find the call of this function...

Steps to reproduce the problem with cb-12180,  gcc-8.1.0-dwarf, wx3.1.3,, win32 (Vista Business) :
1- active project: any
2- load 'All_codeblocks.po'
3- add spaces anywhere
4- save the file ... from that moment on,
- the cursor indicates a standby state for #40 S, then an exception message appears (see attached file)

--- Quote ---1- action : 'Abortl' twice => new message 'Error unknown';  action : 'ok' once => CB closes
2- action : 'Retry' or Ignore' once  => CB closes and the modified file is not saved.
--- End quote ---

I've been running tests on Win7

--- Quote ---1- win7-32: cb-12180, gcc-810-dwarf, wx-3.1.3
2- win7-64: cb-12180, gcc-810-seh, wx3.1.3
--- End quote ---
the save is correct


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