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What is happening to the clipboard?


Piotr Grochowski:
Suppose I have the intent of quickly copying code from one file to another. So I select the code and as I'm moving my mouse cursor to the other tab I copy, then I switch to the other window and paste. Except it didn't copy the previous clipboard data, because for some reason it won't copy if the mouse cursor is even moved outside! The action of moving the mouse does not change the focus, so it should still copy as it's still in focus. This always gets me, and I haven't seen any other software do this.

This is a random guess on my part; is the CB Plugin MouseSap enabled or disabled?

Tim S.

Make sure that if you're using MouseDragScrolling (MouseDrag plugin) that "focus follows mouse" is unchecked.

Else when you move the mouse outside the editor, it focuses the window under the mouse. The marked area would have lost focus.


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