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Output Error (CMD Screen) when executing C++ Codes

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I am using Code::Blocks 17.12 and I am using it for writing Codes of C/C++.

currently I am facing an Issue when I am writing C Code in Code::Blocks.

I've 133 Line of C Language Code, when I am Building & Compiling the Code, it shows Black Screen (Command Line Interface) it ask for Input but after that it shows error like "FILE-NAME.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING".

I don't understand why this gives an Error ?

please anyone can suggest me or help to why this Error is occurring during Output ?

waiting for your valuable reply,


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This simply means you have an error in your code. No code error, but a logic error. You have to debug yourself and look where it crashes... Search on youtube/google how to debug your program with codeblocks...
You do not give as nearly enough information to help you more, and even if you give, this is probably the wrong forum to ask this kind of questions

Thank You for giving me your reply, but in my College (School) Lab I was using Turbo C and it was working perfectly fine there was not any kind of Error either Logical nor syntax error too.

it looks that it is something else from side of Code::Blocks, because my School (College) when I wrote same Code in Code::Blocks their too, it stopped in same way.

here I've attached the Error Screenshot which I am facing after giving 6 number input and waiting for the output/

Post minimal code to reproduce this... Only a error messages that says something somewhere is not working does not help, also if we have the error message in an image...

And i bet for 100$ the error is in your code ;)

If you are not using an CB Project state that in your thread!!!!

Tim S.


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