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Project options manipulator


Some problems ... Do not take into consideration the elements used, but only the malfunctions of the plugin.

Context VISTA 32bits :
1- editing the compiler "GNU GCC Compiler" => "GNU GCC Compiler mingw32-730"
No problem, even on a workspace.
2- modifications of  '#WX' => '#wx28_730' : see the image
If there are multiple lines in the compiler paths or the other paths, only the first one is modified. We must start a search again to recover the others.
After asking to make a backup, a message tells us that the backup failed.

Despite this it is a very powerful tool that I find very useful. Thanks to the designer '@MortenMacFly'

Can you report this as a ticket? Here it will get lost... i found this only by coincidence...

Another problem under Opensuse-Leap-42.3 (64bits, wx28) :
The items of 'Operation' are placed horizontally !! and the window becomes larger than the screen width.


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