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Compiling SDL2_gfx library
« on: February 28, 2018, 04:21:18 pm »
Hello everyone,

i'm trying to compile the SDL2_gfx library in codeblocks - mingw (TDM-GCC-64).
To tell the truth i compiled the SDL2_gfx library, but i can’t use cause i get many undefined references as follow:

…\TDM-GCC-64\lib\libSdl_Gfx.a(SDL2_gfxPrimitives.o):SDL2_gfxPrimitives.c|| undefined reference to SDL_SetRenderDrawBlendMode'|
..\..\TDM-GCC-64\lib\libSdl_Gfx.a(SDL2_gfxPrimitives.o):SDL2_gfxPrimitives.c|| undefined reference toSDL_RenderDrawPoint’|

Someone compiled and used successfully this library?
Could you please help?

Kind regards

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