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Project management ideas
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:51:20 am »
1.Virtual folders should be under Sources and Headers, not outside them. But you could also make folders outside them.

2. When adding an existing (or new) source file to project, it should be placed in the current selected folder, not in Sources/Headers.

3. When you have a long list of files it's impossible (unless dragging files to temp folders to shorten the list) to move them to virtual folders, because you can't see it or scroll to it (at least I don't know how). To fix this the window should scroll when dragging files or right button menu should have "Move to folder.." option.

4. In large projects it would be nice to tag files with different colors, icons etc. and then hide/show files depending on those rules. Even if you split files to number of virtual folders it's hard to find stuff if you can't tag them somehow.