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Plugin compile problems (solved)
« on: January 25, 2006, 06:18:20 pm »
I'm having trouble compiling the helloword plugin with version 1853.  I have successfully compiled versions of Codeblocks though.

Here's my log:
-------------- Build: default in HelloWorldPlugin ---------------
Compiling: helloworldplugin.cpp
In file included from C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/defs.h:21,
                 from C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/event.h:26,
                 from ../sdk/include/manager.h:4,
                 from helloworldplugin.cpp:8:
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/platform.h:190:22: wx/setup.h: No such file or directory
In file included from C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/platform.h:258,
                 from C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/defs.h:21,
                 from C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/event.h:26,
                 from ../sdk/include/manager.h:4,
                 from helloworldplugin.cpp:8:
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:84:9: #error "wxUSE_DYNLIB_CLASS must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:92:9: #error "wxUSE_EXCEPTIONS must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:100:9: #error "wxUSE_FILESYSTEM must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:113:9: #error "wxUSE_DYNAMIC_LOADER must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:121:9: #error "wxUSE_LOG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:129:9: #error "wxUSE_LONGLONG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:137:9: #error "wxUSE_MIMETYPE must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:153:9: #error "wxUSE_PROTOCOL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:195:9: #error "wxUSE_REGEX must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:203:9: #error "wxUSE_STDPATHS must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:211:9: #error "wxUSE_XML must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:219:9: #error "wxUSE_SOCKETS must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:227:9: #error "wxUSE_STREAMS must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:235:9: #error "wxUSE_STOPWATCH must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:243:9: #error "wxUSE_TEXTBUFFER must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:251:9: #error "wxUSE_TEXTFILE must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:267:9: #error "wxUSE_URL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:285:9: #error "wxUSE_ACCEL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:293:9: #error "wxUSE_BMPBUTTON must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:301:9: #error "wxUSE_BUTTON must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:309:9: #error "wxUSE_CALENDARCTRL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:317:9: #error "wxUSE_CARET must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:325:9: #error "wxUSE_CHECKBOX must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:341:9: #error "wxUSE_CHOICE must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:349:9: #error "wxUSE_CHOICEBOOK must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:357:9: #error "wxUSE_CHOICEDLG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:365:9: #error "wxUSE_CLIPBOARD must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:373:9: #error "wxUSE_COLOURDLG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:381:9: #error "wxUSE_COMBOBOX must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:389:9: #error "wxUSE_DATAOBJ must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:397:9: #error "wxUSE_DATEPICKCTRL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:405:9: #error "wxUSE_DISPLAY must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:413:9: #error "wxUSE_DOC_VIEW_ARCHITECTURE must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:421:9: #error "wxUSE_FILEDLG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:429:9: #error "wxUSE_FONTDLG must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:437:9: #error "wxUSE_FONTMAP must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:445:9: #error "wxUSE_GAUGE must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:453:9: #error "wxUSE_GRID must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:461:9: #error "wxUSE_HELP must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:469:9: #error "wxUSE_HTML m
ust be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:477:9: #error "wxUSE_XRC must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:498:9: #error "wxUSE_ICO_CUR must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:506:9: #error "wxUSE_IFF must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:514:9: #error "wxUSE_IMAGLIST must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:522:9: #error "wxUSE_JOYSTICK must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:530:9: #error "wxUSE_LISTBOOK must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:538:9: #error "wxUSE_LISTBOX must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:546:9: #error "wxUSE_LISTCTRL must be defined."
C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/include/wx/chkconf.h:554:9: #error "wxUSE_LOGGUI must be defined."
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 4 seconds)
52 errors, 0 warnings

Now, when I did the plugin wizard, it didn't have the compiler defines ( __GNUWIN32__, WXUSINGDLL and BUILDING_PLUGIN) from the wiki in it.  I entered those.
There is nothing in the linker options either.  I did set up the directories, but I don't know what to put in the options.

I tried entering in __WINDOWS__ and __WIN32__, but that doesn't help.  The "setup.h" files is definitely not in the wx directory, but is under a subdirectory such as "msw".

Any ideas?  Is this a WxWidgets problem?
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Re: Plugin compile problems
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2006, 09:22:09 pm »
Nope I don't think it is a wx problem... Could you attach your project file?

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Re: Plugin compile problems
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2006, 09:25:40 pm »
compiler include directory "C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/lib/gcc_dll/msw" is missing for the 2222nd time ...


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Re: Plugin compile problems
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2006, 09:27:12 pm »
compiler include directory "C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/gcc_dll/msw" is missing for the 2222nd time ...

DOH! Why didn't I think of that. :roll:

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Re: Plugin compile problems
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2006, 09:55:17 pm »
compiler include directory "C:/wxWidgets-2.6.2/lib/gcc_dll/msw" is missing for the 2222nd time ...

Okay...that almost did it.

I also needed to add "C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\sdk\include\wxscintilla\include" as well.  This wasn't spelled out in the Wiki.

Does this mean something is wrong with the Plugin Wizard?  Shouldn't auto generate some of this.  I already has the #wx global variable defined before I started this plugin test.

Thanks for the help! :D