Author Topic: C::B 13.12 hangs after installing HelloWorld plugin (wxGtk 2.8 @ Ubuntu 14.04)  (Read 2856 times)

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Hi folks,

I tried to create a simplest possible plugin by using the 'Project' wizard, but found that C::B completely stops responding after installing it.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

1. Go to File -> New -> Project and choose 'Code::Blocks plugin'
2. Proceed through this dialog (I selected Plugin type == 'Tool' and wxWidgets == '2.8')
3. Build the project
4. Go to Plugins -> Manage Plugins and try to install HelloWorld.cbplugin

The first drawback that I found is that it fails with complaining that it can't find the file ''. Well, this problem is already described in,20331.0.html, so I followed this way and it installed without any problems.

But now I tried to press the 'Open' button, and found that nothing happened. Same with 'New Project', or something else. I couldn't even close it by pressing the cross button. Then I killed it, and started again, but even that didn't helped. Eventually, I only managed to fix it by deinstalling this plugin (namely by purging everything in ~/.codeblocks/share/codeblocks/plugins/).

Is it working in this way just for me, or for everyone?
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13.12 is 2 years old. I would suggest to try a nightly build. You can build it by yourself (not that difficult if you go the configure -> make process) or you can download a pre build package. Look in the nightly build forum thread for links to it...


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In the next week or so, I plan to take the time to patch the CB Plugin wizard so it uses the CB custom var of WX_CONFIG to set which wxWidgets version it uses.

The crashing you had might be the result of the wrong wxGTK installation being used.
If you have both wxGTK (wxWidgets) version 2.8 and 3.0 installed I would guess it could lock up CB.

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Thanks for your suggestion. It looks to be working on r10350.