Author Topic: annoying bug : editor tabs can not be closed (by mouse) and no right click menu  (Read 1460 times)

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For a couple of months ago we suffer from this problem.

After using CB a while, the editor tabs can NO LONGER :
- be selected by clicking with the mouse on the editor tab
- can no longer be closed by the mouse by clicking on the close icon (X)
- have no longer a right click menu when right clicking with the mouse on the editor tab

Only way to get rid of this is close CB and restart CB

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OS? It is a known problem on linux with some strange WMs.
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happens to me randomly too, bug shows when it wants and stops when it wants even without closing/restarting c::b. OS is opensuse 13.1 with KDE, so no strange WM. only help when it happens is to use middle mouse button on tab to close it...
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