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A strange behavior when scrolling in editor
« on: May 23, 2014, 02:17:08 pm »

Sometimes when I scroll up the editor through mouse wheel, a strange view will display as the picture shown.

Some parts above the editor is displayed in editor. And When I continue scroll, these parts move with my scrolling. When I force the editor to refresh the field covered by these parts(scroll up then scroll down, or click the line covered), it disappeared. I think it maybe some painting bug.

What's more, I find the editor will scroll 3 lines on each mouse wheel. And the wrong display field is exactly 3 lines above the editor.

I don't know whether it is my individual problem. And I tried many times but can't find the exact way to reproduce the problem. It always appear without any omen.

OS: windows 8 64 bit
Tried on C::B 13.12 compiled with wx2.8.12 and svn 9777 with wx2.8.12

Edit: It may be cause by my plugin..ummm..But I don't have any idea about the reason since all the event I connect has Skip() at last.

Edit2: I confirmed that was not plugin's fault. Maybe wx2.8.12 or wxScintilla is not very compatible with window8. Dos any one have some ideas?

Edit3: Compiled svn 9778 with wx3.0.  The problem still exists.
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