Author Topic: some suggestion for plugins "complier" and "Code Complete" and "File Manager"  (Read 2839 times)

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    maybe the setting option be saved into INI or TXT,will be all right,anyone can change it. not by default.conf and compiler.dll.

Code COmplete     
   input the key,show board to del unmaching the word.
   eg. some keys "AD_Init()","AD_setting()","AD_Soul()","AD_change()"
        when input the "AD_S", don't show "AD_Init()" and "AD_change()". so that ,will be all right

File Manager:      
    when install CB 10.5 ,that plugins is fail . why??
    chouldn't add file,in virtual folder. Maybe can change it.

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default.conf is xml file and anyone can change it.
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default.conf is xml file and anyone can change it.
But don't blame s if something doesn't work afterwards. So if you really need to do it, make sure you really understand what you do. Actually you can seriously "damage" Code::Blocks here.
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