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yw sea:
I am new, I am here

Hi to all
This is not a good start!
Since I try to get this 3 files needed for "nightly build" and mentioned, but they are nowhere to be found!
Some of us have a common problem: There is no way I can go on and start working with this bright white background that burn the eyes.

I am new, I am here.

I am new and I am here  :)

Good morning.
I've written tons of hosted programs. On PC in VBA Excel and VBA Access.
I've always given everything away but I don't want them to change what I've done.
For this I am recreating everything with external programs.
I have already tried with C# in Visual Studio. But I find it too slow.
So I pulled an old dream out of the drawer: writing in C ++.
After a short tour I decided to use wxWidgets as GUI and CodeBlocks as IDE.
So here I am, with humility, to ask for help from you.
Now the road is uphill, but I am sure that, after hitting the head several times, then suddenly the same road will become downhill.
Thank you :)


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