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« on: February 18, 2010, 05:07:14 pm »
Hello All

I have just started using linux and code::blocks

So I installed c::b and codeblocks-contrib using
sudo apt-get install libcodeblocks0 codeblocks libwxsmithlib0 codeblocks-contrib

but when I start a project in c::b in projects/properties/library  no library is found!!!
I have installed opencv and need to do select the library (which i guess does the configuration automatically) before I can use opencv

can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?

many thanks


p.s. opencv was installed using: 
apt-get install libcv1 libcvaux1 libcvaux-dev libcv-dev libhighgui1 libhighgui-dev opencv-doc python-opencv