Author Topic: CodeBlocks Integrated with LEGO C++ Robotic Development System  (Read 4583 times)

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I would like to announce that we have a published a paper describing the use of Code::Blocks in teaching C++ using the Lego Robotics System. The paper may be read here:

We have also written a manual for the use of the system which integrates Code::Blocks with a C++ cross-compiler for the RCX Lego robot, as well as the open source BrickEMU emulator. The entire system runs on Ubuntu Linux hosted on the Sun VirtualBox virtualization platform, in order to give students a common interface no matter what platform they run on their PCs/Macs. The manual may be obtained here:

The abstract of our paper is as follows:

Abstract - This paper describes the development of a system for teaching C/C++ using Lego™ RCX Robots in a CS1 college course on introductory programming. The system has been implemented using an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by the open source community (Code::Blocks). We have modified the IDE so that it can call a C/C++ cross-compiler for the RCX whose standard firmware has been replaced by the BrickOS open source operating system. An open source emulator (BrickEMU) has also been integrated within the Code::Blocks environment. The IDE and robotic software executes on a virtual machine running under the freely available software, Sun™ VirtualBox. This allows for a uniform programming platform for Windows, MacOS, and Unix/Linux. The use of robots in CS1 affords science and engineering students the opportunity to learn sensory-motor based control, to work with an IDE early in their careers, and to gain experience with development and debugging tools that can be utilized throughout the students’ academic and professional careers.

The authors appreciate the work of the entire Code::Blocks development community.

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Re: CodeBlocks Integrated with LEGO C++ Robotic Development System
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Very nice work, thanks for the info! :)
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Re: CodeBlocks Integrated with LEGO C++ Robotic Development System
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Hi CCISProf,

I have passed the information to
They are already using Code::Blocks for different other projects and it will be really great to use the CB environment for the Lego Project. Thanks for you work and the detailed documentation :-)